Connect your wallet

to buy Marsereum, interact with the Marsereum Governor and claim your rewards

Marsereum Governance

Marsereum Governor empowers token holders for community-driven decisions, ensuring the project's adaptability and long-term relevance in our multi-planetary future.

Delegate your vote

to yourself or a trusted representative

Vote on proposal

- 20% voting power to accept voting
- Supported organizations have no voting rights

Issue new proposal

- Proposing new organizations
- Suggesting the removal of organizations
- Modifying buy or sell fees

Marsereum Rewards

Earn Marsereum rewards simply by holding MTH tokens and contribute to the future of multi-planetary exploration.


your rewards whenever you want. Rewards will be collected and stored for you

Reflection mechanism

The reflection mechanism triggers at 200 million MTH in accumulated buy and sell fees

How to claim

Connect your wallet as a MTH holder and click the “claim” button

Pending MTH Rewards


Total MTH Distributed


How to buy Marsereum